My black outfit competition unfortunatly is being cancelled, I have really not had enough entrys to call it a comeptition!
I will however when I get a few more followers do something similar!!! I hope to do this before the summer and I will make the prize better and summery :)!!!
I had some super good entrys, but for it to be a competition I really need more than 10 people to enter to be honest!!!
I am ever so sorry girlies!!!!!!
Im going to do a post later on some stuff i have picked up later aswell :)


  1. Im sorry :( I just didnt think there was enough people entering! I think 20 people needs to be the minimum!
    I will do one in juneish.
    So stay tuned
    And hopefully more people will enter this time :)

  2. I understand that it must have been disappointing to not get many entries but it's a bit unfair for the people who took the time and effort to enter. You could at least have said whose entry you liked the best or given some feedback on the entries even if you didn't want to award a prize anymore. I didn't expect to win and i had fun making my entries but it's still really sad that after i tried my best to make something i thought you'd really appreciate my effort isn't counted because not enough other people entered. I spent a lot of time looking back through your posts to see what sort of fashion you wore or liked and then trawled through polyvore finding pieces. It also makes me less likely to enter your contests in the future because i might again go to take a lot of time and energy to enter and then it might again be cancelled so it seems a bit counter productive.

  3. I will do exactly this :)
    Im very sorry I didnt do this, I do feel bad for not giving back feed back!!
    I appreciate your feed back and again im ever so sorry I have upset you in this way!!