Topshop Make-up

Has just been launched online :) So earlier I went onto the website for a little lookey!!

They have a wide selection of makeup pretty much anything you need they have from eye shadow to face tint; they also have a varied colours to suit anyone!
The packaging looks simple but very eye catching, if someone saw you applying your lippy in town they would be over and asking where it came from without a doubt! The packaging is white with black dots, stripes and flecks :)

They have a huge variety of colours from very very bold to simple and chic. I do not own any yet so I can’t tell you whether the colour pay off is amazing or poor, but they have also on the website included swatches of the colours which I always think is a good idea. The colours are very on trend and they also have a SS10 trend page you can go to, having said that I wasn’t 100% convinced about some of the colours they have picked to go in that section! Especially the nail varnish, they had some gorgeous colours and they picked the browns.

The prices vary from £4 - £10. Which I think is pretty reasonable. However I would say they need to state how much is in each product.

All in all I think it is a very varied and exciting looking collection of make-up full of inspiration and youth that topshop always brings to the table in their clothing.