Being a bad blogger + update + haul

I have been a pretty rubbish blogger lately :(
I've been fed up and up to my eyeballs with stuff to do, I recently started a unemployment course which is every monday and tuesday and when i get home all I want to do is sleep because its tireing sitting there learning stuff you already know. Its abit like school when your to bright for the bottom class but not clever enough to be in the top class so they just put you in the bottom class!

I am also applying to go back to college to do an Access to higher education course so i can go to uni next year and do Midwifery!!! Which is also takeing up alot of time and I need to find a part time job and funding to help me get threw the year :(

And now a few recent buys :)

New Look sale £8

New Look sale £10

Ebay £5

Ebay £3.99 for 2

Ebay £3.99 for 2


  1. I really like the last bit of jewellery, looks like old porcelain :)