Review: Take a brow

Afternoon girlies hope everyone is ok :)
I have been wanting to do this for a while now I have had this kit over 3weeks :O but due to being busy and my back hurting badly I have managed to do it :(
But here we go  :)
This is from primark £3.50.

First thing you notice is the packageing its so gorgeous, eye catching and very 80's I thought!

In side they have written the instructions on one side for you they are pretty simple to follow.

This is inside the pack. You get an eyebrow pencil, 2 coloured shadows, wax, templates for your eyebrows and a brow brush! Everything seems good quality except the brush with is like a paint brush :S but I have been useing it anyway :)

They are the 3 templates you get. I havent used any of them as I found they are way to thin and you would have no eyebrows left! Especially if you have my sort of eyebrows where there are gaps in them and they start so high up and they grow in whatever direction they want and my eyebrows are just horrible simple fact :)


After :)

This is a great overall product, I wouldnt recomend it if you have light hair and light eyebrows! Its far to dark but if you dye your hair dark and need to match your eye brows this would be perfect for that and obviously for us girlies who have dark hair anyway :)

I am also have a clear out on ebay take a look :)


  1. It is gorgeous isnt it! so Bright and eye catching!!! You going to get the set?