Goodbye 2010 Hello 2011

Afternoon girlies, most of your are getting ready for tonights events wherever you live.
I thought i would share with you my 2010 :) through a few pictures and writing.
good makeup, bad makeup, good fashion, bad fashion and my life.

The start of 2010 was good, I had an amazing christmas I had a boyfriend, i turned 20 and had a epic birthday.
New years last year

Westen supermare

My 20th birthday

I had many job interviews during 2010 of which non where sucsessfull :(
Me and my mum got alfie :)

And my ex took me to the zoo

But i made the most of my time, doing my blog and a unemployment course.
My summer was over run with my course and my friends and the boyfriend.
We saw the launch of numerous make up like such as topshop.
I did my first ever face of the day

I also did my second face of the day

I Split up with my ex in august and also moved to my grandmas to start my new college course

I lacked postings during college time but i managed to post some :) i managed to do my first outfit of the day
My second outfit
And my third :)

I was chocker block with assignments and before i knew it, it was my college christmas party 
Then i came back home :)
I finally managed to get a good hair cut and now its seriously short but thats for a different post ;)

I had an amazing christmas and hopefully a great new years :)

How was your 2010????

Outfit of the night

This is my outfit from my christmas party and I plan on wearing it christmas day aswell :)
I did ask a few people how to wear this dress and i did a combo of bits of everyone :)

Bag - French connection
Shoes - New look
Dress - Tescos


outfit of the day

Evening :) ive spent all day trying to get a good picture of me but alas so no luck so your stuck with rubbish pictures :P
Anyway its freezing here so I have wrapped up warm :)

Cardi - Mataln
Black top - Primark
Jeans - New Look
Necklace - A Gift from my EX

32 days of make - Day 14

My eyes are now better girlies :) so yay make up looks will be back :)
I went to my college party last night so heres my face :)
Quiet a simple look I thought :)


32 days of make up - Day 5

This is the tutorial is done by lauren luke she is utterly amazing :)

32 days of make up - Day 4

This next look is blue and green.
Im going wild ;)

32 days of make up - Days 3

Morning girlies :) now i was saposed to do a make up look every day till new years eve however Ive have CONJUNCTIVEITIOUS or however you spell it.
So basicly I dont want to use any make up on my eyes incase of spreading it to my make up and just keeping the cycle going.
So ive decided to post a video for each day untill my eyes are ok and then my looks will start again
I havent been able to see for few days which is why im behind :(


Christmas cards

Afternoon everyone :)
This has nothing to do with fashion and beauty but they are beautiful :)
I decided this year to make my own cards and im going to show you how :)
This is what we are going to make :)

What you will need:
  • Brown paper
  • Gingerbread man template
  • Pva glue
  • Prit stick
  • A card
  • Pen and pencil
  • Ribbon
  • String
  • 2 buttons
  • Needle and thread
  • Also not pictured but need a black pencil and red and a tipx pen

  • Cut out your gingerbread man

  • Next measure your ribbon round the edge, do this in stages and attach with prit stick

  • This is four sides done :)

  • Stick on your bread man

  • Next take your button and thread your needle with the thread threw the holes
  • Do both this way

  • Stick them on your man with the pva glue

  • Make a bow with your string and stick on your card with PVA glue

  • Draw a face on your man

  • Take your tipx pen and do a sort of stich line around him
And thats your man finished :)

Will you give it a try?????


32 days of make up - Day 2

Afternoon girlies :) I havent ventured out today to get new batteries so unfortunatly there is no step by step but i may try and go out tomorrow :) Please excuse the hair :)
I did a purple smokey eye makeup today :)
I hope you like it
I didnt add any blusher of lipstick as i dont actually own many lipsticks :(
Products used
  • Black shaddow by lancome
  • purple shadows by avon
  • black liquid liner by primark
  • mascara by maybelline
  • eyeliner pencil by NYC

  • Start by applying your everyday foundation
  • apply a light purrple to ur lid on the inside near your nose
  • Apply the darker purple to the outside and blend
  • add a small amount of black shadow and blend on the ouside of your eye sweeping it under your eye
  • Apply a light shadow under your brow bone and blend downwards
  • Apply a thin line of liquid liner near the top of your lash line
  • Apply pencil liner to your water
  • Apply 2 coats of mascara, you can add false lashes if you want :)


32 days of make up - Day 1

Its december the 1st and the party season will soon be upon us :)
I have decided up untill the new years im going to do a makeup look so you girlies can look gorgeous right up untill christmas and the new year :)
My first one is for all the girly girls lots of pink :)

  • First I primed my face and added my concelar and foundation

  • Under the brow bone for highlight i used the 2 lightest colours from the manly pack
  • I then used the purple on my eye socket
  • I used the 3rd pink in for my lid
  • I then used the 6th pink in on the corner of my eye

  • I used a liquid liner on the top of my eye
  • pencil liner on the waterline and then coat my lashes in mascara
  • I finally added a touch of pink blusher to my cheeks

I was going to do a step by step by my camera decided it wasnt playing ball so i do appologise
I hope you like the first look.

Products used
  • benefit concelar
  • maybelline dream matte mousse in sand
  • Manley palette
  • Collection 2000 liquid liner
  • barrym eye liner
  • Benefit blush
  • collection 2000 false lash mascara