Purse New Look £6
Necklace ASDA £4
Necklace ASDA £3
Top Miss selfridges(charity shop) £3.50
Body spray ASDA £0.48
Body Butter ASDA £2
Body lotion ASDA £2.50


My top summer beauty products - SAVE

Keep nails gorgeous on the beach £1.99
Get your scrub on for only £3.00
Keep bronzed £3.49
Get summer soft with a good cream £3.59
Keep your locks looking gorgeous £3.99
Tint your face £3.99
Keep lashes gorgeous on the beach with brown mascara £4.99
Keep your skin safe with all 2 sun protect products and an after sun £6.99
Smell beautiful £13.49
Keep greasy locks at bay with dry shampo £2.09 or use baby powder 

My top summer beauty products - SPLURGE

Keep your face tinted and safe £21.50
Use brown mascara for the beach £7.99
Add extra glow with bronzer £14
Keep greasey hair away with dry shampoo £2.09
Keep hair protected with a mask £4.99
Add gorgeous coral to nails £6.29
Keep skin safe £11.99
Keep skin silky soft £11.99
Get rid of dry skin from £12.50
Add sexy sumer scent From £29.99


Supermarket clothing picks :)

I am sure that the supermarket clothing ranges are getting and better with time, even though its still looked down upon!
However here are some of my favourite picks from the two biggest supermarkets ASDA and Tescos :)

Going out dress £18 and £16

Play suit £14 and £16

Day dress £14

Summer Dress £16

T-shirt £10

Shorts £10

Skirt N/A

Shirt £12

Sandals £10


Going out dress £25

Play suit £16 and £20

Day dress £15

Summer dress £10

Tshirt £12 and £16

Shorts £10 and £12

Skirt £60

Sandals £15

Harems £30