Ola :)

Hey guys and girls, its been a busy few weeks and i have been ill :( I am totaly swamped with assignments in actual fact im getting behind :(
I went doctors yesterday and I did a little spot of shopping on the way home, so I want to hopefully do some reviews for you and show you the things I brought obviously but it may have to wait till tomorrow :)

I hope you are all well
Lots of love

If I had £100 to spend - Topshop

If i had £100 this is what I would spend my money on at topshop :)

I love love this dress its so girly and gorgeous and the colours within the dress can be worn almost with anything :)
I havent tried the topshop make up and nail polish so i would love to try these
and the cardigan is a gorgeous colour, i have been looking for one this colour for ages :)

If you had £100 what would you buy?


If I had £100 to spend - New Look

If i had £100 to spend these are my picks from new look :)
I love browns at the moment and I would love a brown pair of trousers i think they look gorgeous :)
I have a huge thing for leopard print so this bag would be perfect for me
I love the new look vest tops as they wash well and last ages
Ive been searching for a brown grandad style cardi since before christmas but they where ether the wrong brown or the wrong type of cardi so i would deffinatly get this
I love new look shoes they are cheap and cheerfull but last a fairly long time :)

If you had £100 to spend at New Look what would you buy???


If i had £100 to spend - River Island

I have never really shopped at river island, I have always found it rather expesinve but this little outfit i created is amazing :)
I adore these red shoes and i do actually need them in my life :)
The skirt is so retro i love it :)
I down own a snood but i wish i did and river island have a huge selection i think i may have to get one :)
Those earrings are fab and i think they tie the outfit together perfectly :)

If you had £100 to spend at river island what you buy?????


new Laptop yay

I have a new laptop finally :) its been a long time coming and to be honest I had spent ages looking for my perfect laptop that i will love and cherish due to the sad depature of my old laptop :(
anyway this is my new laptop and i will soon be on top of things and posting new blogs
happy days :D
Aint she a beaut :) glad i waited :) I did orginally want the pink one was but got fed up of waiting for it to be in stock so i settled for the purple one and to be honest im glad i did shes sexy :)

Im now looking for a laptop case for it just so that when i travel with it it will not get broken :) I have seen one in primark in leopard print but i think i want a flowery one of a bright pink one
if anyone has one could you let me know where you got it from

much love
Elli - bob x x x