Back From Bristol :)

So ladies and gentlemen im back from Bristol :(
Sorry for any spelling mistakes im very very tired!!!!!!!
I hate leaving my boyfriend makes me feel all sad inside!

We went shopping in bristol centre massively big!!
Primark in bristol is huge its over 4 floors and like 3 floors are just for woman they have everything!!!

We went to the beachy at weston super mare :D was very fun but very very cold!!!

We then went to bath which is gorgeous like really beautiful!

And finally we went out on friday night I was all nervous but in fact it was a good night :D

I had to take my Boyfriend birthday shopping as its my birthday next weekend im so glad i have him he was very patient with me while i chose a bag and some bits from Lush!!

In Boots they are doing the brand 17 on nail polish 2 for £5 so i got to of them I will do some pics later ether tomorrow or monday! 

Also if you wear false eyelashes alot then check out the pound shops where you live they are just as good as the ones they sell in drugstores for like £5 and yet the pound shop has them obviously for a pound BARGIN!! I also got some ear phones from the pound shop and they are also a really decent pair!


Bristol :)

So Im off to Bristol today for few days to see my boyfriend!Which means I wont be blogging till the weekend! Hopefully I may find some beauty and fashion buys and bargins to share with you all!
Hope everyone has a nice week :)


Busy Busy Bee!!

So since last wednesday i've been awfully busy :( but on thursday after the dreaded job centre i went into town and did a little bit of shopping :)

I must of grabbed the last of the sale bargins in my town!!
I got 2 pairs of flat shoes from New Look for £10 :D

I also got some plimps aswell in white at £4.99 I couldnt complain :)

I then had a little scout round the pound shop and got a few things for my hair and 2 books!
I got 3 elastic headbands and 2 flowers which im going to stick on for a night out next weekend :)

I came over to my stepdads on friday night and we went to tescos!
Tescos makeup is any 3 for £3 so i got a new mascara, some nail polish and a creamy coloured eyeshadow!

Gorgeous stuff and I spent less than £25 so happy :)


Best Buys And Bargins

Coat - £5 Myton Hospice
Bag - £4 Myton Hospice

Dress - £9 Newlook
Bag - As Before

Dress - £9 New Look
Bag - As Before

Brouges - £12 New Look
SnakeSkin - £21 Ebay
Zip Up - £15 New Look
Bag - £6 Peacocks
Nail Varnish - £1.95 SuperDrug

Top - £10.99 Ebay

Concealer - £2 Ebay
Is new, still waiting for this also :(

Fake tan! Best buy:)

After reading about this on lots of peoples blogs, I decided to give it ago!
Ive used lots of fake tans in the past some sending me orange some sending me yellow like a simpson.
This was pretty cheap at £2.99 and my imediate thought was here comes the orange UNTIL I applied it, its coloured so you can see where you are applying so you get an even tan, it doesnt streak and it does not send you a funny colour! And it hasnt got that horrible mouldy biscuit smell!
It also doesnt send your bed a funny colour!
I let it fade to see how patchy id go and it didnt, it wore of pretty evenly!
This has to be my best beauty buy in a long while :)

Basics, facial routine

So, I thought I'd get the basics out of the way first! I have combination skin :(

                In the morning!
I exfoliate with tescos vitamin E facial scrub, I then use Lush's fresh farmacy and finaly I use sudocrem, sudocrem seems to stop the spots from attacking and keeps my skin oil free pretty much all day!

In the Evening!
I just wash my face with fresh farmacy and i then use a lighter cream its called my skin and its by tescos again :)



 So ive been reading blogs for the past couple of months and i wanted a piece of the pie:)!
 I hope to be blogging about fashion,makeup and general things i find instreting along the way :)
Elli X