A few recent purchases

Brought in black

Brought in the pink


nail hell

So recently my nails havent been likeable they just keep peeling and it was really annoying me so I have just made them worse by having false nails ;) however the first shop i went into wouldnt sell me them because i have to be 21 I asked why and the lady said incase i sniff glue.
Now really why would i want to sniff nail glue in all honesty I cant think it would be much fun I also cant see how you can do it surely the glue would get up your nose???
Anyway I managed to get some from a different shop, I got 2 pairs and i will post pictures of them on saturday once i am back home :)
Has anyone else been refused the sale of nails due to being under 21 and the fact you could perhaps be a glue sniffer?????


Hairy tights next big thing??

Afternoon girlies:)
I have be searching the internet for some autumn and winter accesories, and i really want some new tights of different autumny colours, when i came across these on, they are by J CREW and are saposed to be a lacey fawn style and on close inspection they are but from a distance they just look like mens hairy legs. It just makes me want to shout '' get yourself a razor''
I will not be buying these they look discusting
But whats your view???


Im being naughty

And instead of doing my biology assignment im on the Topshop website.
Im so naughty
Here are a few of my wish list


Topshop Lipstick

I think its safely said its now autumn, and with winter I believe comes a whole new makeup style.
I have been looking at the Topshop website quiet a lot lately for inspirational reasons :) and their autumn and winter colours in their lipsticks are utterly gorgeous. I have chosen what I think are the 4 main colour for this autumn : Bright pink, Red, Brown and Nude. I have chosen these because everyone I feel can select a shade and it will suit them
Here are my Topshop picks


Brighton Rock


Rio Rio

I do plan on getting these and when I do I shall show you :)

im cracking up barry m

Afternoon girls hope your all ok :)
aftet seeing this on someones blog only yesterday and having to go into town today I though I would try my look and see if my local superdrug had this product and to my amazement they did. So I grabbed it as quickly as I could :)
Of course as soon as i got home i tried it and you literally see it cracking before your eyes!!!