Mr sunshine OOTD :)

Eveing girlies, today has been super hot and amazing!
Actually past few days have been amazing :) so summery i hope it stays like this :)
Anyway I didnt get a picture of my outfit today plus i looked abit to sticky and stuff so i made something similar on ployvore :)


Being a bad blogger + update + haul

I have been a pretty rubbish blogger lately :(
I've been fed up and up to my eyeballs with stuff to do, I recently started a unemployment course which is every monday and tuesday and when i get home all I want to do is sleep because its tireing sitting there learning stuff you already know. Its abit like school when your to bright for the bottom class but not clever enough to be in the top class so they just put you in the bottom class!

I am also applying to go back to college to do an Access to higher education course so i can go to uni next year and do Midwifery!!! Which is also takeing up alot of time and I need to find a part time job and funding to help me get threw the year :(

And now a few recent buys :)

New Look sale £8

New Look sale £10

Ebay £5

Ebay £3.99 for 2

Ebay £3.99 for 2


Review: Take a brow

Afternoon girlies hope everyone is ok :)
I have been wanting to do this for a while now I have had this kit over 3weeks :O but due to being busy and my back hurting badly I have managed to do it :(
But here we go  :)
This is from primark £3.50.

First thing you notice is the packageing its so gorgeous, eye catching and very 80's I thought!

In side they have written the instructions on one side for you they are pretty simple to follow.

This is inside the pack. You get an eyebrow pencil, 2 coloured shadows, wax, templates for your eyebrows and a brow brush! Everything seems good quality except the brush with is like a paint brush :S but I have been useing it anyway :)

They are the 3 templates you get. I havent used any of them as I found they are way to thin and you would have no eyebrows left! Especially if you have my sort of eyebrows where there are gaps in them and they start so high up and they grow in whatever direction they want and my eyebrows are just horrible simple fact :)


After :)

This is a great overall product, I wouldnt recomend it if you have light hair and light eyebrows! Its far to dark but if you dye your hair dark and need to match your eye brows this would be perfect for that and obviously for us girlies who have dark hair anyway :)

I am also have a clear out on ebay take a look :)


Its not been ages....

But I feel like I'm ignoring you girlies :(
I have been sooooo busy these past few days, I have just started a course because I'm unemployed still which is annoying me a lot but I cant help it and I just have to keep trying and I had such a bad back the other night I just went to bed so early because I was in mega amounts of pain :(
Today however is going pretty damn well :) I did a first aid course which hopefully will make me more employable I also had a good laugh while doing it, I then went and had some food with one of the guys I'm on the course with :) I now have a few free days to catch up with some stuff I have been meaning to review and just all sorts really.
Hope everyone is well :)


Lush Review: Waving Not Drowning

I got this as a sample but it was half a ball which I thought was very generous :)
I used it last night because I needed an early night and a good sleep!!!!
What Lush says:
The lavender, ylang ylang and fennel insomnia bomber. When you're exhausted and you'd give all your money just to be able to drift off into dreamland, that's when you need a Waving Not Drowning bath. We use lavender to calm and balance your mind, with ylang to relax you, cardamom to help relieve mental fatigue and fennel to clear your head. If you haven't got a bath, stick it in a bowl of hot water by your bed and breathe deeply.

What I say:
I ran my bath then got in then poped it in, even though it was only half the smell hit me and it was instant ohhh!!! It smelt so gorgeous and the smell stayed a while untill I started washing then it instantly disepeared, it made me really really relaxed and I could of quiet easily of fallen asleep in the bath.I deffinatley felt clear headed and relaxed as it says it does. I honestly am not sure if its a mental thing were because it says it sends you to sleep you fall asleep or wether it actually works because of the oils. I will however purchase this again because it worked for me and you can easily get 2 baths of out one ball which is excellent for saving money :)


Lush Haul :)

My birthday was in feb, but my mum didnt get me anything but she has now :) She brought me aload of stuff from lush :) Here is what I got :)
This is from the retro collection its called Aura Suavis and looks it cute and yummy £3.00

Normal lush collection Bathos £2.50

Charity pot £1.00

Retro collection Ego massage bar £7.50

Lush Retro Honey Waffle £3.95 100g
Retro collection Rainbow worrier ballistic £3.20

I also got a sample of Tramp shower gel, Grass shower gel and waving not drowning bomb :)
I didnt expect to get as much as i did get in the samples the bomb was half a bath bomb!

Ickle Baby Bot Review

So in my haul you might of seen my lush bit of the haul and I brought the lush bath bomb ickle baby bomb.

 On Wednesday night I tried it out :)

I ran my bath full first then dropped it in, instantly the smell of lavender filled my bathroom it was beautiful and my mind instantly went YAY SLEEP!!!! It sent my bath a baby blue colour as well which was really cute, BUT as soon as I got in the bath the smell seemed to disappear and my bath just smelt of well water really.

:( I was abit disheartened by this because I wanted to the smell to stay so I could have a decent nights sleep for a change! However even though the smell went really fast it did actually make me really sleepy I didn't get to sleep early but I was defiantly sleepy.

So at £1.75 I believe I will most defiantly purchase again unless something similar comes along then I will try that :)


Beyonce does vintage glam!

Someone on facebook post this video and I thought the still of the video looked horrible, but I watched it anyway :) AND I was glad that I did!!!
Beyonce knows exactly how to do glam and in this video she does that with a vintage twist! Her make-up is utterly flawless and she looks amazing in every outfit!!
I personally never though she could get away with vintage being the diva she is but she pulls it off perfectly.


Hows A Haul :)

Good evening all your blogarinos :)
There is so much stuff to blog about lately!!!!! Reviews i want to do, my top 5 products so on and so forth!!
Anyway back to the haul :)
My boyfriend came over last Thursday and he took me shopping Thursday and Friday :) (how amazing is he!!!!) We just went to Coventry so nothing special, and I was being in a horrible mood as well and all I wanted to do was be moody and go home because I'm mean ha ha, anyway he persisted and I cheered up as soon as I started shopping :D

I got upset over this actually, I didn't know whether to go for this or the dark angels one and was scared to ask and felt sooooo uncomfortable in the shop actually! Anyway finally after a huge strop and me walking out my boyfriend got a lady over and she said I should try this one :) £5.50 :)

Ickle baby bot :) After lush discontinued my fave soap ooh laa laa I was looking for similar unfortunately nothing similar in the soaps and most of the other things the lady showed me didn't agree with my nose, so I settled for this! £1.75.
I also got a sample of their Lovely jubblies!

All earrings £1.99 each :)

In my local superdrug I saw this in the bargain baskets £1.00

My boyfriend put this in the basket, I thought it was cute :) Bright pink £1
Body con skirt £2
Long top/dress £6
Spotty tights £1
Spotty hanky top £5
High waist shorts £9
Earrings £2
Take a brow £3.50 ( sorry the pictures wrong way round :S dunno why)

Spot stick 2 for £5 (gave the other to my boyfriend :))
£1.99 shade - Rose petal
Tinted cream £1.99 shade - Fair

New look
Buy one get one free ;) £3

I got 2 bottles £1 each :)

The next lot I brought off ebay :)
Bow detail top £2.99
Big lot of lush £7 I gave some to my mum as well!
Barry M lipstick shade 73 - £1.99
Jaguar belt £4.99

And finally thrifted
Charity shop earrings 50p

Free off my grandma

Free off my grandma

And a swatch of the two lipsticks the darker one being Barry m and the lighter one from boots :)
I also found if you don't shove to much of the Barry m on your lips its actually very very soft and neutral colour :)