Its not been ages....

But I feel like I'm ignoring you girlies :(
I have been sooooo busy these past few days, I have just started a course because I'm unemployed still which is annoying me a lot but I cant help it and I just have to keep trying and I had such a bad back the other night I just went to bed so early because I was in mega amounts of pain :(
Today however is going pretty damn well :) I did a first aid course which hopefully will make me more employable I also had a good laugh while doing it, I then went and had some food with one of the guys I'm on the course with :) I now have a few free days to catch up with some stuff I have been meaning to review and just all sorts really.
Hope everyone is well :)


  1. I hope your back is all better! x

  2. Aww thank you :) I think its getting there :)