Lush Review: Waving Not Drowning

I got this as a sample but it was half a ball which I thought was very generous :)
I used it last night because I needed an early night and a good sleep!!!!
What Lush says:
The lavender, ylang ylang and fennel insomnia bomber. When you're exhausted and you'd give all your money just to be able to drift off into dreamland, that's when you need a Waving Not Drowning bath. We use lavender to calm and balance your mind, with ylang to relax you, cardamom to help relieve mental fatigue and fennel to clear your head. If you haven't got a bath, stick it in a bowl of hot water by your bed and breathe deeply.

What I say:
I ran my bath then got in then poped it in, even though it was only half the smell hit me and it was instant ohhh!!! It smelt so gorgeous and the smell stayed a while untill I started washing then it instantly disepeared, it made me really really relaxed and I could of quiet easily of fallen asleep in the bath.I deffinatley felt clear headed and relaxed as it says it does. I honestly am not sure if its a mental thing were because it says it sends you to sleep you fall asleep or wether it actually works because of the oils. I will however purchase this again because it worked for me and you can easily get 2 baths of out one ball which is excellent for saving money :)


  1. I haven't tried this yet. I'm definitely going to pick it up next time at lush!

  2. It is so lovely and sent me right off to nod land just what you need for a goods night sleep :)