Hows A Haul :)

Good evening all your blogarinos :)
There is so much stuff to blog about lately!!!!! Reviews i want to do, my top 5 products so on and so forth!!
Anyway back to the haul :)
My boyfriend came over last Thursday and he took me shopping Thursday and Friday :) (how amazing is he!!!!) We just went to Coventry so nothing special, and I was being in a horrible mood as well and all I wanted to do was be moody and go home because I'm mean ha ha, anyway he persisted and I cheered up as soon as I started shopping :D

I got upset over this actually, I didn't know whether to go for this or the dark angels one and was scared to ask and felt sooooo uncomfortable in the shop actually! Anyway finally after a huge strop and me walking out my boyfriend got a lady over and she said I should try this one :) £5.50 :)

Ickle baby bot :) After lush discontinued my fave soap ooh laa laa I was looking for similar unfortunately nothing similar in the soaps and most of the other things the lady showed me didn't agree with my nose, so I settled for this! £1.75.
I also got a sample of their Lovely jubblies!

All earrings £1.99 each :)

In my local superdrug I saw this in the bargain baskets £1.00

My boyfriend put this in the basket, I thought it was cute :) Bright pink £1
Body con skirt £2
Long top/dress £6
Spotty tights £1
Spotty hanky top £5
High waist shorts £9
Earrings £2
Take a brow £3.50 ( sorry the pictures wrong way round :S dunno why)

Spot stick 2 for £5 (gave the other to my boyfriend :))
£1.99 shade - Rose petal
Tinted cream £1.99 shade - Fair

New look
Buy one get one free ;) £3

I got 2 bottles £1 each :)

The next lot I brought off ebay :)
Bow detail top £2.99
Big lot of lush £7 I gave some to my mum as well!
Barry M lipstick shade 73 - £1.99
Jaguar belt £4.99

And finally thrifted
Charity shop earrings 50p

Free off my grandma

Free off my grandma

And a swatch of the two lipsticks the darker one being Barry m and the lighter one from boots :)
I also found if you don't shove to much of the Barry m on your lips its actually very very soft and neutral colour :)


  1. wow you have been a busy bee!! great haul xx!!!

  2. yeh ive been messing round with the stuff :) i love getting new stuff :D