Request from Lillian Funny Face

As most people are aware I had to cancel my competition due to lack of enterys.
However what I didnt realise is that didnt give feed back, and to be honest it didnt even cross my mind, untill Lillian Funny Face left me a comment about it and it made me quiet upset that all you lovely bloggers that did enter havent got anythng and I know you all spent along time putting the pieces together :) I appreciate this alot.
So due to the comment and the closure i'm going to post your outfits on here tell you what I loved.

Shibz89 gave me a very detialed explanation to her outfit and why she choose what she did, I thought her eye for detail was amazing!!! She understood the need to wear black and how it can be boring but how not to let it get that way by adding colour and gorgeous earrings, she also thought that as it was a hairdressers i was saposed to be working she thought about decorateing my hair with bands and flowers :)


I thought these oufits were si eye catching, the use of contrasting colours and the on trend styles really caught my eye. The pops of colour with the black outfits where very well thought out and the accessories where well thought out!

I cant manage to get this to show as an image on my blog for some reason :(
I thought the detial in this outfit was amazing from the contrasting colours to the sequins on the shoulders of the dress! I wasnt 100% sure if it would be suitable for a hair salon due to the blazer but I could easily take that off :)


I thought this collection was amazing, modern yet punky! Abit like rhianna :)
There was splashes of white on the shoes and on the tees, and as everyone knows black and white stands out is a long term fashion statement! monochrome. I also thought the leopard printy shoes where gorgeous and i really want them!!!!! I thought the jewellery was so detailed and beautiful!

Lillian funny face

Lillian did me alot of outfits which i thought was really sweet of her. These two are probs my favourites, the contrasting colours and that beautiful teddy mouse hat thing!!!! She had obviously spent alot of time doing these i think there was 5 all together all beautiful and exactly as i needed if i had of got the job!


It seemed ashton was bang on trend with this sailor number! I loved this so much, my only problem was the skirt needed to be black aswell, but other than that this outfit was perfect!

You all spent so much time doing these and I hope you all really enjoyed them!!
Once again im so sorry I didnt have enough entrys to consider it a competition!!, In june/july I will do something similar to this because i think you all enjoyed it so much and i really enjoyed looking into a little bit of my bloggers. I know they where desgined for black work wear but I think everyones outfits showed a little bit of there owners individuality :)

Outfit 2
Outfit 2 by rhibag featuring ASOS shoes


  1. Oooh! Glad to see everyone else's :)
    I was torn between the black and the red version of this skirt haha!
    Glad you liked it though :) xx

  2. I did really love all of them :) its just a shame I didnt get the job to wear them but i think they would be good for any day really :)
    I hope you had fun doing it :)