Ickle Baby Bot Review

So in my haul you might of seen my lush bit of the haul and I brought the lush bath bomb ickle baby bomb.

 On Wednesday night I tried it out :)

I ran my bath full first then dropped it in, instantly the smell of lavender filled my bathroom it was beautiful and my mind instantly went YAY SLEEP!!!! It sent my bath a baby blue colour as well which was really cute, BUT as soon as I got in the bath the smell seemed to disappear and my bath just smelt of well water really.

:( I was abit disheartened by this because I wanted to the smell to stay so I could have a decent nights sleep for a change! However even though the smell went really fast it did actually make me really sleepy I didn't get to sleep early but I was defiantly sleepy.

So at £1.75 I believe I will most defiantly purchase again unless something similar comes along then I will try that :)

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