NOTD - Nails of the day :)

Afternoon girlie's :)
Its GCSE results day today for my younger readers, I hope you all got the grades you need to get on with ether college or work :) I wish you all the best of luck :)
I am also nearing my date for moving to which i still have not fully packed and its now getting a little bit silly and I'm starting to panic, I am just struggling to muster the energy to pack everything up. I am however excited to be moving.
Here are my nails of the day but more week I have had them done a few days now.
They are just simple french manicure, I do not use a template ether its just free hand so they are not perfect but they will do me as nothing is ever perfect :)
The reason I have uploaded 2 pictures is just to show the 2 products I used.
Gosh - White tip, french manicure

Natural collection - Pink manicure


English rose take on eye makeup

Evening girlies. Ive been busy finding things to do other than what i need to do which is packing!!
So in an attempt to not pack today I have done my nails today will do post later and I did a sort of taken on a English rose look. Unfortunatly My brush seems to be leaking black everywhere which is annoying me so it ended up darker that what I would of liked it.
What do you think???
I also appologise for the spotty face, I have been living on toast for the past week because I have no pennies, I also appologise for my hair it really needs cutting but my mum is on holiday at the moment and I am not paying £50 at some stupid salon that will not cut it the way i want it!


Massive clear out getting ready for college. EBAY



Lush Review: Charlotte Island

Evening girlies :)
Hope everyone had a fab weekend. I most certainly have, I have won a few items on Ebay a few im waiting for but this was the fastest thing I have ever recieved off good old Ebay :)

Firstly I personally did not know Lush did body tints and well I hope im not the only one that didnt know.
Anywho here is my review of Lush body tint Charlotte Island.
WHAT LUSH SAY:Our new bronzing body tint helps you to build a healthy glow without having to subject yourself to excessive sunlight. We’ve made it with organic lemon infusion, organic oils and cocoa butter to brighten and hydrate the skin.
WHAT I SAY: This product looks discusting lets be honest but when has anything that benefits you looked nice? Well in this case im not 100% sure it benefits you, it adds a nice glow and smells gorgeous but its no fake tan. I also found that when it came to having a shower my skin acted as a repellant against the water when this product was on my skin and felt like id been trying to wash myself with baby oil which is pretty discusting. However it is the best smelling ''Fake tan'' I have ever smelt and it does add a gorgeous glow to your skin. I have very pale skin and for a change didnt find that I looked overaly brown it looked super natural and gorgeous.
I would advise using this product as it did actually work the showering is a hurdle you have to cross but I can deal with that aslong as I look gorgeous and do not have that horrible moudly digestive biscuit smell to my body :)

The product is very thick and you need very little to give a glow which means the product lasts longer YIPPPIEEE :)

It rubs in nicely and as you can tell from the line around my wrist it does an excellent job and the coverage is amazing.


Primark VS Benefit (Primers)

Evening girlies its rather late for a post but here goes :)

I'm not sure if any of you remember my post on the benefit primer that gave me an allergic reaction, well, a few weeks maybe months ago i found a pretty much exact copy of the benefit one but in primark.
To begin with the packageing is pretty similar style, the way the product is released is exactly the same aswell. So how can primark only charge £1.50 and Benefit charge £10+
MAYBE its the product i hear you cry.

Having tried both benefit and primark primer on my face the only difference is the fact that the primark one didnt bring me out in an allergic reaction. However the primark one did make me feel a little cakey but I just mixed it with a tiny bit of normal skin cream i put on and problem solved doing this also helps the product last longer.

If you have the money to spend then carry on buying benefit if you wish but, i personaly dont see much of a difference between the benefit and primark products at all. 
So SAVE those pennies and get primark instead :)

NOTD - Nails of the day :)

Evening girlies, I have a few posts lined up for tonight :)
Few reviews and hopefully an outfit of the day. I hope you are all keeping well and im going to try and get blogging more aswell.
Anyway my nails of the day are from a recent shopping trip and I got a whole load of new polishes.
Its by collection 2000 and is called FRUIT SALAD. Sounds yummy yeh??
Well here it is.
It needs 2/3 coats because I found its pretty runny and leaves you nails abit streaky if your not careful. Also if you have very white ends on your finger nails like me it takes more than 2 coats to cover these up aswell.
Was well worth it at £1.49 though.
What do you girlies think??


Shopping Trip!!!!! (Pic Heavy)

Evening girlies, its been a long time :(
I've been super busy, I stayed at my grandmas and went for a little shopping trip to make me feel better as I managed to get tonsalitious. I am not going to go through the prices with you because honestly I cant remember but i spent over £60 ha!!! I also purchased some plain black leggings and a black cardi but my mum had taken that on holiday with her!!!! Some of the things are however off ebay also :)
And my friend brought me the mirror with my name on it :)