Lush Review: Charlotte Island

Evening girlies :)
Hope everyone had a fab weekend. I most certainly have, I have won a few items on Ebay a few im waiting for but this was the fastest thing I have ever recieved off good old Ebay :)

Firstly I personally did not know Lush did body tints and well I hope im not the only one that didnt know.
Anywho here is my review of Lush body tint Charlotte Island.
WHAT LUSH SAY:Our new bronzing body tint helps you to build a healthy glow without having to subject yourself to excessive sunlight. We’ve made it with organic lemon infusion, organic oils and cocoa butter to brighten and hydrate the skin.
WHAT I SAY: This product looks discusting lets be honest but when has anything that benefits you looked nice? Well in this case im not 100% sure it benefits you, it adds a nice glow and smells gorgeous but its no fake tan. I also found that when it came to having a shower my skin acted as a repellant against the water when this product was on my skin and felt like id been trying to wash myself with baby oil which is pretty discusting. However it is the best smelling ''Fake tan'' I have ever smelt and it does add a gorgeous glow to your skin. I have very pale skin and for a change didnt find that I looked overaly brown it looked super natural and gorgeous.
I would advise using this product as it did actually work the showering is a hurdle you have to cross but I can deal with that aslong as I look gorgeous and do not have that horrible moudly digestive biscuit smell to my body :)

The product is very thick and you need very little to give a glow which means the product lasts longer YIPPPIEEE :)

It rubs in nicely and as you can tell from the line around my wrist it does an excellent job and the coverage is amazing.

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