My ASOS order

Morning everyone :)
Its been a while since I last did a post but this one is most imprtant ;)
I have been hankering after some vivienne westwood shoes for ages and so yesterday I decided to pluck up the courage and go for it. Im also worried about buying fake goods so i picked ASOS to buy from knowing they would be real, and my package arrived this morning :)

My Asos box

Inside my box

THE box ;)

My gorgeous shoes :)

I ordered them next day delivery which was free, and the shoes cost £85 :)


The body shop AND Lush :)

So the other day I went into coventry as im back home for easter.
I did a little trip to lush and the body shop here are few bits i picked up :)

The body shop £10

The body shop £9.00

The body shop £12.50

The body shop £5.00

Lush Deodrant

Fluffy egg - Lush

Ickle baby bot - lush

Karma - lush

Space girl - Lush

Therapy massage bar - lush

Twilight - lush

I went on a bit of a mad one with lush as I dont get baths at my grandmas, so while im at home, i am planning on having a bath every night :)
I will do a few reviews for you, i may start them tonight with the bath bombs and then see how the week progresses due to the amount of work I  have to do for college :)

What are your fav products from lush :)????????????????


The Crop top

Evening ladies :)
I recently came home for easter even though im still not well :( never mind :)
Anyway I tried to do a bit of shopping because my clothes are all wintery and im looking forward to summer :)

Now is it just me or are crop tops everywhere? I first noticed a girl in burger king with a crop top on to which I went :O
I remember being about 8 and wearing a spice girl crop top ;)
I hate my tummy and therefore will not ever buy one unless i can wear a longer top underneth ;) Also id sooner not draw attention to my big boobs as im sure they will be made to look twice as big in a crop top :(
Even though I will most deffinatly not be getting into this trend here are a few of my picks from off the high street :)

Miss selfridges £28.00

Miss Selfridges £22.00

New Look £6.99

New look £21.99

River Island £8.99

River island £15.00

Topshop £14.00

Topshop £22.00

Topshop £22.00

Who will be buying into this trend????


Viral tonsillitis

Its been forever since I did a post but i have been so busy with college work and I have managed to burn myself and get tonsillitis, however its not your typical white tonsillitis that can be cured with antibiotics, i just have to let it take its run and who knows how long that will be :( same answer as how long is a piece of string Im guessing ha :)

Anyway I went to the doctors today and on the way home I had to go into superdrug to get some dissolvable paracetamol and I also picked a few things up to make me feel better :)

I got three nail varnishs by miss sporty and some eylure dylash 45 day mascara, which I will be trying out at some point :)

I also had my nail dotting tools come in the post today yay :D

I hope everyone else is well and as soon as i can I will do a post for you :)