Viral tonsillitis

Its been forever since I did a post but i have been so busy with college work and I have managed to burn myself and get tonsillitis, however its not your typical white tonsillitis that can be cured with antibiotics, i just have to let it take its run and who knows how long that will be :( same answer as how long is a piece of string Im guessing ha :)

Anyway I went to the doctors today and on the way home I had to go into superdrug to get some dissolvable paracetamol and I also picked a few things up to make me feel better :)

I got three nail varnishs by miss sporty and some eylure dylash 45 day mascara, which I will be trying out at some point :)

I also had my nail dotting tools come in the post today yay :D

I hope everyone else is well and as soon as i can I will do a post for you :)

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