My first day of college

Evening girlies, I am well aware its late but this is the first time I have had abit of free time today :)
Today was my first propper day at college and I loved it!!!
As many of you know I moved few weeks ago which was mainly due to me starting this course, Im doing an access to higher education in health and social care(nursing and midwifery). Its excellent!!!
Today I had IT which was simple and I then had a double period of psychology which was seriously intresting and slightly fried my brain :( tomorrow I have maths then a double period of biology :)

I was going to do an outfit of the day but as I realised the other day my grandma does not have a full length mirror which is pretty annoying so I am going to have to get one :)

I hope your ok and I will try get an outfit of the day tomorrow some how!


College Haul. Clothes, shoes and accessories

Evening, sorry its late but ive been watching the night of Big Brother, its such a shame its ending don't you think?
Anyway I went shopping on thursday for stuff for college and heres what I picked up.

Collection 2000 with rimmel matte

Morning girls its pretty early to do a post but im up for an interview today :)
The other day I did a post of the nail varinish I brought well here they are one picture by themselves and one picture with the rimmell matte polish, I just can not get enough of the rimmell polish!!
This colour is really gorgeous it is perfect for winter :)

Im really undecided on this colour, the colour pay off was stupid. I did one coat and it just looked like a clear nail polish. I applied 2 coats in this picture.

As you can see, you can see the white of my nail.

This is the most beutiful colour ever, its perfect for aumtumn and winter :)

What do you girlies think? Will any of you get these colours?


Aldi polish and rimmerl matte finish

How gorgeous is this colour!!! Give amazing coverage for a cheap nail varnish to! only applied one coat
One coat of matte polish what a differene I know have 2 colours :D

Also haveing a clear out once again check out my ebay :)

Using my NUS :)

Evening girlies :)
Firstly I wanted to appologise for my lack of posts, Im just not finding the time now im living with my great grandma :( However Im doing alot of shopping this week!!! Due to starting college next monday :)
I am also booked in for a leg wax at a local beauty salon for the 18th of september :)
Anyway onto the my main subject!!
I got my NUS card few weeks ago and used it in boots today for nail polish :)
Superdrug are doing 3 for £5 on these collection 2000 nail polishes so of course I couldnt resist
37 Bongo Beat
42 Teeny Bikini
27 Wham
Rimmel Matte Finish £4.49

I then went to yorkshire trading and brought another watch for £5

And finaly a trip to aldi got me this beauty! Ive been looking for a nail polish this colour for bloody ages with no sucess and here it was all along. £1.99

Anyone else used there student discounts yet??
If so what did you buy :)


Bit of a shopping update :)

Even though I have just moved I have been shopping on ebay mainly :)