My first day of college

Evening girlies, I am well aware its late but this is the first time I have had abit of free time today :)
Today was my first propper day at college and I loved it!!!
As many of you know I moved few weeks ago which was mainly due to me starting this course, Im doing an access to higher education in health and social care(nursing and midwifery). Its excellent!!!
Today I had IT which was simple and I then had a double period of psychology which was seriously intresting and slightly fried my brain :( tomorrow I have maths then a double period of biology :)

I was going to do an outfit of the day but as I realised the other day my grandma does not have a full length mirror which is pretty annoying so I am going to have to get one :)

I hope your ok and I will try get an outfit of the day tomorrow some how!


  1. Glad your enjoying college sweetie :) I love college to haha :) xx

  2. Thats great that you are enjoying school so much.
    Math and science were my worst subjects

  3. aww thanks girlies :)
    I'm glad your enoying college nicola aswell :)
    Funnyfacebeauty, im not that great at maths lol
    x x x x