New shoes and OOTD :)

Check out these gorgeous shoes i have aquired :) gorgeous hey :) Perfect for the party season even if i do say so myself. I brought them off ebay they were £20 never been worn else i wouldnt of brought them and i think they are just so classy and gorgeous :)
From new look

Still not got round to using my new camera ha but heres my outfit of the day :)

Jeans : Primark
Top: Topshop
Cardigan: Asda


Christmas goodies

Evening I should really be doing assignments but I just brought aload of stuff off ebay for christmas. I am constantly on the look out for individual things for christmas and as i have been really into cupcakes and muffins lately i thought everyone should have some :)

Yummy huh?
Well guess what you cant eat them :O
You have to bath or shower in them ;)

Anyone found anything gorgeous yet individual for christmas???

Keep calm and eat a cupcake

Like my new ring ;)
I was on ebay looking for weird and wonderfull christmas presents as you do because I get bored with the same old same old and i came across this and i just had to have it :D
I have a bit of a thing of cakes and cupcakes this year for some reason
What you think??

faces and outfit

Afternoon guys just few pics of my outfit today and my face of today and my face of last night :)

This is my outfit for today, pretty simple really
Shirt: Peacocks
Top: newlook
Leggings: Select

I have no makeup on so its not really a face of the day but i have my glasses on :)

Otherside of my face ;)

This was last night
Headband: Primark
Earrings: Dorothy perkins
Top: Primark
Blusher: benefit
Eyeliner: collection 2000
Mascara: Collection 2000 - fake it


Bullying/ Haters

Evening fellows bloggers :)
Recently I got contacted by someone, who was asking me about online bullying and haters.
So I gave them some advice but I thought I would give you a quick post on this subject.
Having a blog know matter how amazing and popular it is you will always get haters, this is a form of bullying. Everyone knows bullying from school wether you are a reformed bully or you got bullied. Only know bullying has rocketed onto the web, mobile phones, emails as well as staying ''old school''
I have unfortunatly been bullied in all these ways and it is hard and its really not right in anyway shape or form.
Bullying is a form of abuse, It goes into the same catergory as sexual abuse, domestic abuse, only people believe it is not that drastic and its a simple factor of growing up.
I dont believe this and bullying can have devosating effects when it happens to you, believe it or not most bullying is not even known about and often goes ''untreated'' sometimes it goes away other times it doesnt and some people do end their lives due to bullying.
Now all i can hear you saying is '' it doesnt happen in adult life'' well it does, bullying does not just stop when you reach 16 it carries on. Sexism is a form of bullying just an example.
It ruins self esteem and self confidence!!!
Here is my advice for bloggers getting ''haters''
Don't let it get to you
Don't rise to their bait
Delete any comments that are from ''haters''
Do talk to someone about it, you may think its stupid but bullying is serious
Most internet providors have email address where you can contact them about ''hating'' behaviour

These are really simple steps, but, i have seen many people rise to peoples bait and it just fuels them on.
Dont think just because your over the age of 16 that it doesnt mean anything, there are plenty of charities and websites to help if its more serious than comments and emails :)



Autumn and Winter favourite products

Afternoon everyone :)
Today im just going to show you few of my favourite beauty products that I use during the winter months even though if you look outside today it looks more like summer :S
During winter even though I have rather short hair it goes really dry so I lather my hair in conditioner and a frizz serum to make my hair look beautiful :)

My skin gets really dry aswell so I use palmers I use it all the time but i add extra during the cold month to keep my skin soft.

I actually use this on my face not my body. Because my face is open to all the elements of winter it gets really dry and sometimes even quiet sore so along with my daily facial routine I add this to it.

My hands are constantly dry especially since starting college, I think it has something to do with their soap but this cream saves my life and i think acts as a barrier to.

Nobody likes cracked horrible lips ever and during th summer I actually dont a have problem with my lips but once again since starting college they have gone like shrivlled prunes and i used to use normal vaseline but i found this one not to long ago and it has a gorgeous pink tinge to it beautiful :)

Once again back to hands and my dryness but this time its for cuticles :)

During the summer i dont really wear fake tan because i naturally go a nice colour without sunbathing ;) but during winter im paler than a snowman so i add this to my body cream so i can look glowing but not fake tanned!!!

What are you winter saviours???????????????????????????


Outfit and face of the day

Evening girlies heres what I wore today for college :) On my feeties i wore my black worker boots :)
Jeans : Primark
Scarf: Primark
Top: dorothy perkins

This is my face of the day for college :)

Mascara : Bad gal lash Benefit
Eyeliner: Collection 2000 liquid
Blusher: Dont hog the mirror Benefit