Autumn and Winter favourite products

Afternoon everyone :)
Today im just going to show you few of my favourite beauty products that I use during the winter months even though if you look outside today it looks more like summer :S
During winter even though I have rather short hair it goes really dry so I lather my hair in conditioner and a frizz serum to make my hair look beautiful :)

My skin gets really dry aswell so I use palmers I use it all the time but i add extra during the cold month to keep my skin soft.

I actually use this on my face not my body. Because my face is open to all the elements of winter it gets really dry and sometimes even quiet sore so along with my daily facial routine I add this to it.

My hands are constantly dry especially since starting college, I think it has something to do with their soap but this cream saves my life and i think acts as a barrier to.

Nobody likes cracked horrible lips ever and during th summer I actually dont a have problem with my lips but once again since starting college they have gone like shrivlled prunes and i used to use normal vaseline but i found this one not to long ago and it has a gorgeous pink tinge to it beautiful :)

Once again back to hands and my dryness but this time its for cuticles :)

During the summer i dont really wear fake tan because i naturally go a nice colour without sunbathing ;) but during winter im paler than a snowman so i add this to my body cream so i can look glowing but not fake tanned!!!

What are you winter saviours???????????????????????????


  1. I've never thought of adding my own fake tan to body lotion will have to try it as i always hate the ones you can buy i.e. johnson's holiday skin...


  2. I always add my fav fake tan to body lotion as i find the gradual tanners ie johns holiday skin go orange or like a weird baby poo colour and is really patchy!!!

  3. I have dry skin too and I love most of these products. Palmer's Cocoa Butter is my favourite moisturiser ever, I even use it on my face sometimes when I get dry patches, it clears them up in no time.