Bullying/ Haters

Evening fellows bloggers :)
Recently I got contacted by someone, who was asking me about online bullying and haters.
So I gave them some advice but I thought I would give you a quick post on this subject.
Having a blog know matter how amazing and popular it is you will always get haters, this is a form of bullying. Everyone knows bullying from school wether you are a reformed bully or you got bullied. Only know bullying has rocketed onto the web, mobile phones, emails as well as staying ''old school''
I have unfortunatly been bullied in all these ways and it is hard and its really not right in anyway shape or form.
Bullying is a form of abuse, It goes into the same catergory as sexual abuse, domestic abuse, only people believe it is not that drastic and its a simple factor of growing up.
I dont believe this and bullying can have devosating effects when it happens to you, believe it or not most bullying is not even known about and often goes ''untreated'' sometimes it goes away other times it doesnt and some people do end their lives due to bullying.
Now all i can hear you saying is '' it doesnt happen in adult life'' well it does, bullying does not just stop when you reach 16 it carries on. Sexism is a form of bullying just an example.
It ruins self esteem and self confidence!!!
Here is my advice for bloggers getting ''haters''
Don't let it get to you
Don't rise to their bait
Delete any comments that are from ''haters''
Do talk to someone about it, you may think its stupid but bullying is serious
Most internet providors have email address where you can contact them about ''hating'' behaviour

These are really simple steps, but, i have seen many people rise to peoples bait and it just fuels them on.
Dont think just because your over the age of 16 that it doesnt mean anything, there are plenty of charities and websites to help if its more serious than comments and emails :)



  1. This is such a great post. I've watched so many youtube videos where people have stopped posting because of all of the bullying they have received. I don't understand how some people can be so cruel. Like you said in your eloquent post, people are really affected by bullying and it can often lead to suicide (as we have seen a lot lately). All of your advice is great!

  2. Thank you ever so much it means alot to know that what i post really means something :)

  3. Sometimes I do wonder why people bully, it is so cruel and nothing good can come out of it. Thanks for the great post.