Been a few days

Maybe even weeks. I was poorly on sunday and had to go to hospital and ive spent past few days in bed pretty much. However it didnt stop me ordering things on ebay :)
I have a nice little collection of new kind of things i have brought which i will do a post on later most likely tomorrow.
I hope everyone is well :)


Nails Of The Day :)

Afternoon girlies :)
I have spent the past week at my friends just chilling and going to this unemployment course still :)
I remember seeing this style of nails few month ago and I got abit bored of the normal white and pink manicure so i replaced the white for red.
What do you think?
I used 17 fast finish in burnt cherry :)


Epilating is not the end of the word

Even though it feels like it!!

Evening girlies, I had a gorgeous relaxing bath tonight and I was going to shave my legs as they where just starting to get bit prickly and yucky. Now im one of those girls that shave inbetween waxing and I dont care wether i use a 5p razor or a £5 razor.
But tonight i had a bright idea well i thought it was, I usually epilate under my arms I can cope with that, it takes 5mins each armpit and its done!!
However legs are so much worse!! I held the skin taught like your saposed to i held it so taught i thought it was going to rip!! and i couldnt go upto my knee it just plainly hurt far to much!
In the end i just sang to my music and whiped the epilator up my leg faster than you can say done!
Its taken me over an hour and ive sweated out my body weight.
However im guessing the more you do it the better it is abit like waxing, except waxing takes less time and you can just lay there for the time it takes and relax! I think however it would be good inbetween waxing for just a quick up and down.
However my legs now look like im a plucked chicken :(

A picture of each leg!

Pain factor : 8/10 :It hurts so much.
Time: 4/10 :First time takes along time but after i think will get quicker.
Effort: 6/10 :All you need to do is plug it in and off you go.
Cost : 7/10 :Once you have brought it you can use it time and time again and they usually RRP£50.
Mess: 5/10 :There is some talc and hair mess on the floor after but easy to hoover up.
Smoothness: 5/10 : im still a little bit prickley and my legs are bright red.
Would I do it again: Yes most possibly Iwould. It hurts but the hair will grow back thinner and its a cheaper option than waxing!


Face and Hair of the day :)

Evening girlies :)
Today I decided to curl my hair which is a pretty big challenge because its so short but i managed :)

Face: Primark Primer
         Natural collections bronzer
         Eyebrows Primark make a brow kit
Eyes: Natural collections duo eye shadow (labels fallen off so unfortunatly no exact colour :(
         Benefit Bad lash :)

Hair: Rose - Poundshop


I am going

to have a blog sale :)
What do people want to see in the blog sale?
Make-up, Accessories, Clothes and Shoes???
You tell me :)
Im trying to get some money together for when I go to college because its expensive :(
Let me know :)

MaxC London

Afternoon girlies :)
For a while I have been looking for a new place to shop wether it be online or an actual shop and today my dreams came true!
I found this gorgeous company called MaxC London!
They have some beautiful stuff, I cant wait till I have some money :)
These are a few of my favourites


Quick Update and Haul :)

Sorry its a late one tonight girlies :(
I haveso much work to do for the unemployment course but, at least its keeping me busy :)
I have 5, 700 word essays to complete, finding the meanings of 60 different words and I have to update and change 6 essays, nothing serious though just a few spelling errors and puncuation :)
Anyway heres my haul :)
Clear top coat & manicure white ASDA £1 each

Bronzer MUA £1 and Natural Collection 3 for £5

Primark Primer £3.00

Primark manicure set £1.50

3 for £5 Manicure pink

3 for £5 waterproof mascara

Superdrug nail files £0.99

Primark Ring £2

Primark Hare Ring £2

Charity shop books £1.50 each

Primark pumps £8 I think

Primark Dress £13

Primark sale dress £5

Primark Headband £1.00

Primark Bronzer Brush £1.00

I think all in all a pretty good haul :) I will be doing a few reviews next week most likely, when im a little less stressed and tired :(
I hope everyone has an excellent weekend :)
Bye Bye


Personal Stylist

Sorry for it being so late girls :(
I have just got back from Bristol tonight.
I had such a good time with my boyfriend its been pretty relaxing and has chilled me out alot.
Anyway the other day i posted about shop pulse and the personal stylist request form.
I did two lots and here they are :)

I think all in all the items are pretty gorgeous. However there are some i just wouldnt touch with a barge pole.
I hope you check out their website :)