Quick Update and Haul :)

Sorry its a late one tonight girlies :(
I haveso much work to do for the unemployment course but, at least its keeping me busy :)
I have 5, 700 word essays to complete, finding the meanings of 60 different words and I have to update and change 6 essays, nothing serious though just a few spelling errors and puncuation :)
Anyway heres my haul :)
Clear top coat & manicure white ASDA £1 each

Bronzer MUA £1 and Natural Collection 3 for £5

Primark Primer £3.00

Primark manicure set £1.50

3 for £5 Manicure pink

3 for £5 waterproof mascara

Superdrug nail files £0.99

Primark Ring £2

Primark Hare Ring £2

Charity shop books £1.50 each

Primark pumps £8 I think

Primark Dress £13

Primark sale dress £5

Primark Headband £1.00

Primark Bronzer Brush £1.00

I think all in all a pretty good haul :) I will be doing a few reviews next week most likely, when im a little less stressed and tired :(
I hope everyone has an excellent weekend :)
Bye Bye


  1. Awesome! I love the manicure set and the hare ring, so pretty!

  2. How are you finding the Primark Primer? I've wanted to try their makeup for a while but I'm a little afraid I'll have a reaction. I love the hare ring, I hope we'll get it in in our store! I got an owl ring there and I love it.

  3. I actually havent tired the primer yet sorcha, im a little worried to as i had an allergic reaction to the benefit primer, but i will give it ago tonight and post a blog :)
    I saw owl earrings but no owl ring :(
    Keep checking back for the primer post :)