Epilating is not the end of the word

Even though it feels like it!!

Evening girlies, I had a gorgeous relaxing bath tonight and I was going to shave my legs as they where just starting to get bit prickly and yucky. Now im one of those girls that shave inbetween waxing and I dont care wether i use a 5p razor or a £5 razor.
But tonight i had a bright idea well i thought it was, I usually epilate under my arms I can cope with that, it takes 5mins each armpit and its done!!
However legs are so much worse!! I held the skin taught like your saposed to i held it so taught i thought it was going to rip!! and i couldnt go upto my knee it just plainly hurt far to much!
In the end i just sang to my music and whiped the epilator up my leg faster than you can say done!
Its taken me over an hour and ive sweated out my body weight.
However im guessing the more you do it the better it is abit like waxing, except waxing takes less time and you can just lay there for the time it takes and relax! I think however it would be good inbetween waxing for just a quick up and down.
However my legs now look like im a plucked chicken :(

A picture of each leg!

Pain factor : 8/10 :It hurts so much.
Time: 4/10 :First time takes along time but after i think will get quicker.
Effort: 6/10 :All you need to do is plug it in and off you go.
Cost : 7/10 :Once you have brought it you can use it time and time again and they usually RRP£50.
Mess: 5/10 :There is some talc and hair mess on the floor after but easy to hoover up.
Smoothness: 5/10 : im still a little bit prickley and my legs are bright red.
Would I do it again: Yes most possibly Iwould. It hurts but the hair will grow back thinner and its a cheaper option than waxing!


  1. Keep up with it! I always epilate now - the first time was the worst thing ever but i kept going with it and now it takes me 5 mins to do each leg and it doesn't hurt! xxx

  2. I will deffinatly keep doing it :)
    It does seem the most inexpensive and best way to remove hair!
    I just cant over my knee that hurt to much :(