Dare To Go Down The Rabbit Hole? Accessories

This is like a little add on to my previous post!!
I wanted to seperate them up into categories 1) to make it easier to read and 2) so the blogs were not to heavy.

Dare To Go Down The Rabbit Hole? Makeup

Alice In Wonderland is hitting the fashion and beauty industry hard at the moment!
I thought Id have a look to see whats happening!
First of all you have the urban decay alice in wonderland palette!

Then you have the OPI nail varnish

Paul & Joe have also done some alice in wonderland inspired makeup :)


My recent buys :)

So im thinking of summer already, planning clothing and make-up!

As you may now know I love charity shops!!!!
You can find some great key pieces in those places but its abit win some lose some especially if you dont have any good ones near you!!

Anyway I brought this beautiful dress from one in my local town!
I love the blue and the gold and its floaty and girly in a military kind of way which i love :)

I also picked up these in a lill shop in my local town aswell my immediate thought was they will go with that dress you brought so i picked them up and brought them :)


Catch up :)

so its been a while since ive blogged anything which is abit naughty really!
But i have been really busy, i got put on a course by the job centre which was a two week course!!
Still have no job so it hasnt really help :(
Nevermind hey :)
always look on the bright side of life as they say :)

We have also got a new addition to out lill family but its not a baby!! Its a gorgeous doggy woggy :D Hes like 2yrs old and hes a boxer totaly cute thing and his names Alfie :)

This isnt Alfie but this is what he sorta looks like :)

Im also road testing the eye roll on that i mentioned on another blog so good so far i think :)

Hmmmm what else??

Ahh yes!!!
Im officaly sick of ebay i have been on there most of the day with no joy its ether yucky or not in my size which is unfair!

So im going to forget fashion this summer i think and just wear what the hell i want :)
which probs means i will be in jeans and a
top everyday like i am now :(
not fair but nevermind :)

I hope everyone is well and i will try find some nice things to show you this week to keep you entertained :)


Weird Mood :S

Means typeing weird and something you fancy into google and seeing the outcomes!
So this is exactly what I did!!
Firstly I decided I wanted shoes but as I cant afford any I thought weird shoes :)
Some people may call these things fashion but I believe they are weird I mean would you seriously walk around the streets of your town in some of these, the rest of these I cant see how you can walk in them!
I admit these shoes look gorgeous but how do the models even walk in them :S
These are my alexander mcqueen.

These just confuse me I always thought shoes were put on your feet to keep them clean :)

Ok I know horses are the most beautiful animals but these shoes freaked me out!
They are by Iris Schieferstein.

Ok so these arent that weird really but they scared me there is not alot holding her foot in there!

These are another that didnt freak me out but scared me, Id be pretty concious that they dont have a heel!
These are by nina ricci.

These are possibley the ones that I found the weirdest for me, I cant even think about how youd walk in them!!!!

If you found anything weirder let me know :)


Birthday :)

So it was my 20th birthday on sunday :D
I went out on the saturday night as you cant go drinking on sunday nights its not exactly amazing ha!
Unfortunatley I didnt get a picture of my outfit, but i wore a black lace dress with an open back black tights and a black blazer with a black rose in my hair and my birthday bag!
I got quiet drunk and ate kebab YUCK!!!
I got lots of lovely things I mainly got money but my boyfriend got me some lovely presents and so did his
mummy and daddy :)

Rock star soap, Fresh farmacy and the heart massage bar from lush.
The 17 nail varnish from boots
Two pairs of earings which are gorgeous :D
And a box of terrys gold chocolates yummy yummy!
I also got a big swirly lolly but its been half eaten so i didnt take a picture of that!!
I also got a bag of Ted baker things :D
In the bag there is Body spray, Sugar scrub,Body lotion and Body wash :)
Then this is my pride and joy!!! Its a bag from french conection its bloody gorgeous and took me ages to choose! It folds over at the top and it also has a gold chain which can be taken off which it has been as i have to wash the inside of the bag due to me being drunk and kebab falling out in it :(

I also went to the pound shop the other day and picked up these bargins!!!
I got Mess Head shampoo and the Mess head conditioner.
Clean and clear oil control face cream.
Pearl Drops Party smile.
And a pair of false eye lashes.


120 Eyeshadow Palette!!

This palette is amazing prices do vary though so becareful as some supplies charge like £6.99 for shipping!!!

Some of these eyeshadows are very pigmented and some arent!
There are a mixture of types some are normal colours some are sparkley and some are metallic perfect if your on a budget and want to experiment with different colours! Also perfect if you dont have much storage for like 500 eyeshadows!
I would seriously recomend everyone to get one of these to be honest, I would use these for everyday and then the more expensive eyeshadows for nights out and what not :)
I think this one cost me about £10 inc postage :)

Blush Palette!

This has 28 different colours and shades of blusher!

These are very very pigmented as i found out when I first used it on a friend, I didnt put much on my brush and her cheeks where bright pink and I used one of the paler colours!
Amazing value again think was like £7 again!
Its a lovely little palette keeps everything in one place!
I would recomend this if you like trying different shades of blusher you can go for that just walked fast glow or the very 80's bright pink cheeks!
They are a little powdery but as i say you do not need alot at all :)

Powder Foundation Palette!

This palette has 6 colours from white to brown. They are powder and i find my skin a little to dry to use these by themselves so I personally apply over the top of liquid foundation.

They are good quality and quiet pigmented.
I got these off Ebay at the same time as the rest of my palettes think this one was about £7
I would recomend them as they where cheap which means you can use them however you want!
I have used the white as a highlighter and the peachy one as a blusher and the browner one as a bronzer aswell as useing one as a brush over foundation.

Concealer Palette

So this is my first blog of a few im going to do today on my makeup palettes i got off ebay a few months ago!

This palette is by Fraulein and host a number of different coloured concealers.

The coverage is rather good but if you apply to much it does a little bit cakey and you end up looking and flakey when you put your foundation over the top! A little goes along way :)
I also use them as a base for eyeshadows.
There are 15 different shades rangeing from a white all the way to a very dark brown.

I Got this off Ebay for like £5 I believe.
Its also excellent if you get ready with all your mates before a night out as it has most skin tones in there :)