Weird Mood :S

Means typeing weird and something you fancy into google and seeing the outcomes!
So this is exactly what I did!!
Firstly I decided I wanted shoes but as I cant afford any I thought weird shoes :)
Some people may call these things fashion but I believe they are weird I mean would you seriously walk around the streets of your town in some of these, the rest of these I cant see how you can walk in them!
I admit these shoes look gorgeous but how do the models even walk in them :S
These are my alexander mcqueen.

These just confuse me I always thought shoes were put on your feet to keep them clean :)

Ok I know horses are the most beautiful animals but these shoes freaked me out!
They are by Iris Schieferstein.

Ok so these arent that weird really but they scared me there is not alot holding her foot in there!

These are another that didnt freak me out but scared me, Id be pretty concious that they dont have a heel!
These are by nina ricci.

These are possibley the ones that I found the weirdest for me, I cant even think about how youd walk in them!!!!

If you found anything weirder let me know :)


  1. haha, this collection of shoes is so over the top :)

  2. woahhh these are strange :P the last ones look very uncomfortable to me :) x

  3. that horse shoe/boots is just weird..
    that remind me of the greek creature, half goat half human =p..
    but i might wear it on halloween's day or horse racing day hehe

  4. the ones at the bottom are... well, gross!