Catch up :)

so its been a while since ive blogged anything which is abit naughty really!
But i have been really busy, i got put on a course by the job centre which was a two week course!!
Still have no job so it hasnt really help :(
Nevermind hey :)
always look on the bright side of life as they say :)

We have also got a new addition to out lill family but its not a baby!! Its a gorgeous doggy woggy :D Hes like 2yrs old and hes a boxer totaly cute thing and his names Alfie :)

This isnt Alfie but this is what he sorta looks like :)

Im also road testing the eye roll on that i mentioned on another blog so good so far i think :)

Hmmmm what else??

Ahh yes!!!
Im officaly sick of ebay i have been on there most of the day with no joy its ether yucky or not in my size which is unfair!

So im going to forget fashion this summer i think and just wear what the hell i want :)
which probs means i will be in jeans and a
top everyday like i am now :(
not fair but nevermind :)

I hope everyone is well and i will try find some nice things to show you this week to keep you entertained :)


  1. oh those colourfull cupcake images cheered me up and i like that you used a random picture of someone elses dog

  2. :) haha well my doggy is to camera shy haha

  3. Those cupcakes look so delicious!