Birthday :)

So it was my 20th birthday on sunday :D
I went out on the saturday night as you cant go drinking on sunday nights its not exactly amazing ha!
Unfortunatley I didnt get a picture of my outfit, but i wore a black lace dress with an open back black tights and a black blazer with a black rose in my hair and my birthday bag!
I got quiet drunk and ate kebab YUCK!!!
I got lots of lovely things I mainly got money but my boyfriend got me some lovely presents and so did his
mummy and daddy :)

Rock star soap, Fresh farmacy and the heart massage bar from lush.
The 17 nail varnish from boots
Two pairs of earings which are gorgeous :D
And a box of terrys gold chocolates yummy yummy!
I also got a big swirly lolly but its been half eaten so i didnt take a picture of that!!
I also got a bag of Ted baker things :D
In the bag there is Body spray, Sugar scrub,Body lotion and Body wash :)
Then this is my pride and joy!!! Its a bag from french conection its bloody gorgeous and took me ages to choose! It folds over at the top and it also has a gold chain which can be taken off which it has been as i have to wash the inside of the bag due to me being drunk and kebab falling out in it :(

I also went to the pound shop the other day and picked up these bargins!!!
I got Mess Head shampoo and the Mess head conditioner.
Clean and clear oil control face cream.
Pearl Drops Party smile.
And a pair of false eye lashes.

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