Hairy tights next big thing??

Afternoon girlies:)
I have be searching the internet for some autumn and winter accesories, and i really want some new tights of different autumny colours, when i came across these on, they are by J CREW and are saposed to be a lacey fawn style and on close inspection they are but from a distance they just look like mens hairy legs. It just makes me want to shout '' get yourself a razor''
I will not be buying these they look discusting
But whats your view???


  1. Gross! Someone definitely didn't think those through

  2. I saw these on another website and I really don't know why anyone would buy them! I bet they aren't even cheap!

  3. OMG so funny. Before I re-read the title of this post, I was looking at the pictures saying "Wow...these women really have hair legs!"
    I definitely will not be trying this trend

  4. Sorcha - someone deffinatly didnt think it through.
    Caz - I dont think they are cheap im sure they are about £20
    FunnyFaceBeauty - I dont think your the only one who wont be buying into this trend.