Its been so long...

Good evening bloggers :)
I have once again been to busy its killing me!!!
I am doing all this extra work for my course and things keep blowing up in my face at the same time!
I am also doing extra maths work to restart my brain really and just remember all the things I have forgotten in my old age ha.
Recently I have brought a few items but not much, but i will still do a small haul on them because they are beauty products :) Also I am at home this week so I may start doing some make up looks, doing nails of the week and perhaps outfits of the day. Mainly due to the fact I cant afford to do hauls at the moment because i am once again poor :(
I hope everyone is good, I am now going to catch up on all your blogs :)
Have a good evening bloggers
x x x x x x x x


  1. Aww welcome back! Hope all the extra work was worth it and paid off :) Ive missed your blog :-) xx


  2. I am very much hopeing :)
    I am also going to try and get more stuff on my blog so keep checking back :)
    Elli xxx :)