Goodbye 2010 Hello 2011

Afternoon girlies, most of your are getting ready for tonights events wherever you live.
I thought i would share with you my 2010 :) through a few pictures and writing.
good makeup, bad makeup, good fashion, bad fashion and my life.

The start of 2010 was good, I had an amazing christmas I had a boyfriend, i turned 20 and had a epic birthday.
New years last year

Westen supermare

My 20th birthday

I had many job interviews during 2010 of which non where sucsessfull :(
Me and my mum got alfie :)

And my ex took me to the zoo

But i made the most of my time, doing my blog and a unemployment course.
My summer was over run with my course and my friends and the boyfriend.
We saw the launch of numerous make up like such as topshop.
I did my first ever face of the day

I also did my second face of the day

I Split up with my ex in august and also moved to my grandmas to start my new college course

I lacked postings during college time but i managed to post some :) i managed to do my first outfit of the day
My second outfit
And my third :)

I was chocker block with assignments and before i knew it, it was my college christmas party 
Then i came back home :)
I finally managed to get a good hair cut and now its seriously short but thats for a different post ;)

I had an amazing christmas and hopefully a great new years :)

How was your 2010????

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