its been over a week

I really hope everyone has a good christmas and an amazing new year :)
I have been so busy with assignments i had 2 to be in on the friday back and after a christmas of just relaxing it consisted of being up till 3am in the morning doing them!
I have been working on another assignment which to be in a thursday but i thought to myself i needed some time out, so today i had a little walk into town and picked up a few things from boots and superdrug
I of course will do a christmas present blog later on today hopefully if not will be at some point next week :)
I loved this bag and so I had to have it ;) £4.99

I have a huge thing for vanillia at the moment £2.09

Got to love boots sale £5.00 was £10 ;)

Along with a new pair of shoes my christmas money was spent on books for college, my grandma felt a bit sorry for me doing that :) Never mind :)


  1. I buy that vanilla body spray all the time! It smells gorgeous doesn't it? :) & so cheap too!
    I'm now following, hope you can do the same.

  2. it is lush, i have spent ages looking for a nice one :)