TK MAX, Chairty shops and Primark :)

So this is quiet blog heavy, I appologise for the quality they were taken on my pooey camera phone! BUT here goes :)

Starting with TK MAX :)

This dress was in the sale for just £4, my gorgeous boyfriend found it for me :) I also saw today that boohoo are selling the exact same dress, but for £15 in their sale!!!

Next is this floral number! I promised I would not buy anything else floral but this is so cute and girly I had to get it, this was £6 in the sale :)

Then there was the beauty! Ive been looking for a lace dress for like seriously ages! It was between this one and another lace one, I obviously went for the cheapest plus my boyfriend said this one looked the best! £6 ;)
This is just a close up of the collar and the lace beautiful hey ;)

Next up we have Primark :)

I got this beauty from primark for a mere £4 I think, unfortuantly ive brought it and havent a clue what to do with it :(
This is just a close up of the lace!

I had to get this summer dress, I just had to!! £5 summer dress :D

It has the cutest button detail :)

I then spotted this head band, same colour as the dress I just had to get it £2 I think!!!

Next we have charity shops!!!!

I spotted these in like a little jumble bit 50p ;), I have cleaned them seriously, but the backs are new I did ask :)

I spotted this top, I was uncertian wether to get it as its fairly see threw but its this gorgeous nude colour so I nabbed it up £1.50 :)

This was a broach but ive took the back off and put a hair clip on the back instead. 50p

These actually arent from a charity shop these are from my great grandmas, I love going threw her stuff ;) FREE stuff and its all so beautiful!!! Gorgeous bow earring :D My grandma is so trendy and she dont even know it :)


  1. Gorgeous haul great bargains to I actually love everything!!!

    Ill have to get my self to Tk Maxx! Great bargains! Your boyfriend obviously has a good eye for a bargain Ha-ha! Can't believe how cheap you got them for!

  2. I know :) I was like wahooo new clothes! you do however have to have aload of time to look threw the rails :(
    Good luck if you find some nice stuff :D
    Elli xxx

  3. Haha lol :)
    I think Ill nip there in the morning :) Hha I don't mind how long I spend if I find such bargains ;)

    My Local Tk maxx proberbley won't have any bargains they seem too be really stingy with there sales and like reduce it by £1.50 or something lol !!

  4. Well i hope it goes well and you find some bargins :)
    I wanted to find some beauty bargins but ours is pretty rubbish for beauty products :(
    Elli x

  5. my bf spotted it for me, so its my not fashion style that picked it unfortunatly :(

  6. Some GREAT finds, I love your style :) Please follow me on my blog, I'd be very happy :D xx