Sat waiting but am inspried!

So I am up this late waiting for my boyfriend to come over :) As today ive been quiet poorly and hes comeing to look after me how kind of him :)
Anyway as I have been in bed most of today I was thinking of all sorts of things I could make and do.
I already did a post on hairbands and clips, but im thinking jewlery! Necklaces to be exact :)
I found so many gorgeous things im going to give a bash at. Mainly as during summer im always in white tops so I want to spruce things up :)
Here is what I found :)

Some are going to be harder than others obviously but im going to give them a bash :)
If anyone wants me to try anything in perticular feel free to tell me :)

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  1. love these - especially the last one. the cream and the grey look really cool together. x