Pear shaped

Everything has gone abit pear shaped this week, alot of stuff has happened I wish hadnt and im struggleing at the moment.
When I have sorted things out I will start the kiwi fruit test, but at the moment all im doing is self loathing, drinking wine, smokeing far to much and being a angry and upset lady!
It may take a few weeks to sort things out but hopefully I will be a much happier person when it is sorted out :)
Also when I have sorted myself out I will pick the winner of my competition so get entering for a change to get your hand on eyeshadow, eye pencil and nail varnish :) all for free picked by yours truely :)
Keep an eye out for me, and take a look at my blog sales girlies, I just want rid of the stuff now so offer me a price and I will have a chat with you.
Hope everyone has a good easter holidays
Lots of love Elli xxxx

1 comment:

  1. Hope everything sorts itself out and you feel happier!

    Lots of Love xxx