Superdrug Launch MUA Online

So I have had a quick look on the superdrug website and their new £1 make-up range and to be honest it looks very varied and colourful, except the eyeshadow and eyedust. The colours of these items are very dark, they do have a green and a purple but in general they are pretty dull.

The nail varnishes look amazing and bright which makes up for this! I am also not 100% sure what their eye glitter is or how your saposed to use it but maybe I will look into that more but the colours for this are bright aswell :)

Superdrug have pretty much covered everything in this line, my only real problem is with the lipsticks, they have the colour on the top of the lipstick but it needs a big sploge of colour so you can see it propperly as some colours look the same, Hopefully they may change this :)

Will you be trying the budget make-up line??


  1. Oooh the eye glitter looks pretty! I guess its just meant to be like a glitter eyeliner... Maybe.

  2. I dont know but im gonna get it in gold and have a play :)