My Idol 1

One of my idols at the moment is Lauren Luke!!

She came out of nowhere really, well youtube :) Lauren Luke is one of my idols at the moment because she has made a name for herself by selling make-up on ebay then doing youtube tutorials. You can watch her videos on youtube, she updates all the time, and goes by the nick name pancea81.
Lauren is from South shields, she was born in 1981 so says wikipedia, and she had a son at the age of 16/17.
She is a lovely person to watch, she is always cheery and gives amazing advice. She uses high brand, her own brand and low brand products for her looks!
Her career has gone sky high the past few years and she has made such a big name for herself, threw dedication and hard work!!!
She is a true inspiration to me, and she proves that a passion in something can lead somewhere no matter what that passion is :)
Her makeup line is utterly gorgeous aswell!! She has 5 kits out and a lipgloss at the moment! More to be added (I HOPE)
My smokey classics
My vintage glams
My fierce violets
My sultry blues
My luscious greens


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  2. She's one of my idols too. I love her book!