Hair Accessories

Even thought I should be trying to sort my life out, I cant help but notice the amount of hair accessories around at the moment.
Now me being poor trying to save money, instead of going to Topshop and paying like £10 on a hair band with a flower im going to try and do some myself!!!!
Im going to start easy, just attaching bits and bobs to alice bands and clips, then Im going to try and make the elastic ones.
My sewing is terrible, I never did it at school, but im willing to learn :) I will even include one in my competition :)
If anyone has any suggestions feel free to tell me :)
Peace out xx


  1. Lovely things. I don't have any suggestions but i've been sewing for a while and live with a seamstress so if you have any questions please feel free to ask :)

  2. I love head pieces!! ;P