My recent buys :)

I went and had a little looky at the newlook sale a few weeks ago :)
They had some lovely stuff in their sale heres what I grabbed :)
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This is like a crop top was £4

Perfume racer back £4

Perfume t-shirt £8

I have also been on ebay :) this is for when I start work it was £1.25


  1. having just found your blog, im already loving it. these are great buys - i ove sale shopping! and your previous post about skin has really inspired me too to get my act together!

    please check out my blog, its a new'en.

    lots of lvoe xxx

  2. Awww thank you, that means alot :)

    You have a beautiful blog with some gorgeous pictures :)
    Ihope you have fun on blogspot :)

    Lotsa luv elli x

  3. like the crop top

  4. thank you for your lovely comment, you have a cute blog!

  5. new look really have got so much better. I love almost everything in their stores - cept for the horrible highlighter t shirts that 9 year olds seem to live in. love your blog x.

  6. Claire is so right.. new look have seriously got their act together! those perfume tops are both awesome, I want!! just stumbled on your blog.. really like it :)

  7. loveeeee the perfume t-shirt, I really want one of those now!



  8. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments :)
    Dont forget to enter my competiton :)