Inspireing stuff :)

So the other day i was reading threw blogs and i read B U B B L E G A R M blog on the DIY lipstick! So today i decided to have ago, I dont have many lipsticks because i dont really wear them i just shove on lipbalm all the time!
So this was my first go but this is what i came up with :)

So the first one i did is the orangey one i used barry m 54 and then i used some red one i picked up at primark and then a sort of orangey red one which was just some rubbishy one lol its turned into a nice orange colour now :D
the second one i did is the pale pink thats barry m 101 and bit of red and bit of bright pink
The third is the bright pink one, that has bright pink in and red and abit of the barry m 54 :)
and the final one was saposed to be a nude colour which it is but its abit glittery and im not sure why that is

But there we have it and thats my first go :D im pretty pleased with myself ha
Why dont you have ago :)


  1. The bright pink one is beautiful! I've got some lipstick base and pigments for making my own lippies but haven't got the formula quite right yet.

  2. All i did was just melt down old lippys that i wouldnt wear and mixed them up into something i would :)

  3. i red her post too! :) and i love how yours came out! you're gorgeous too, by the way.

  4. it is abit of a trail because i wasnt sure how much i needed to put in to fill the tubes and stuff so just need to practise really :)
    and thank you very much :)

  5. you made your own lipstick? that's so awesomeee! =) where can i find the sitee that have the instructions?

  6. All i did was get some lipsticks i never wore melted them and mixed them up and then let them set :)