Hello Mr sunshine :)

Hello fellow bloggers :)
The sun is shineing and the weather is sweet yeeeaahhhh!!!
Which means getting your body out kind of lol so im prepareing my body for the summery times to come :)
These are the things i have brought that is going to transform my wintery body into a beautiful summer body!!

Firstly i brought this body scrub, I LOVE Original source stuff, I love it even more when I can get it for a pound from the pound shop :) This smells gorgeous and it does not feel like ive been scrubbing with builders sand a very lovely product!!!

For a harder scrub when my skin looks like it needs a stronger substance I used sugar scrub by lush!!
This is very hard and if you use it to often it does make your skin a little sore but its perfect for those very flakey areas!!

I then found this wonder product in the pound shop, I used this on dry areas and on and strech marks and scars i may have it smells delicious and is just as good as bio oil :)

I have also just brought some more of this gorgeou gorgeous stuff I love it! Get your pre summer glow with this, Refer to my previous post about it for more details :)

Now my hands have started to suffer from the cold and wet, aswell as helping in mums salon sometimes washing hair, so I brought this to help rescue my hands! It smells devine and it absorbs very quickly! And at 48p for the tube its cheap on the pocket!

When I need a little extra for my hands I use this stuff, its for dry skin and from asda again! At 78p for the tube its cheap and you dont need alot of it to sort out your skin problems :) I also use this on my face!!

My lips are always dry or chapped or peeling or something horrible so I brought this its amazing stuff I love it, you can get it nearly everywhere, but if you dont want to wonder round when you go to topshop you can pick it up along with your clothing :)

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