Black Outfit competition :)

Hey blogarinos :)
hope your all haveing a little looky at my blog sales :)

Ive decided that as I soon could have a job to which I have to wear all black maybe you guys could come up with some all black outfit ideas for me :)

I will be working in a salon so keep that in mind IE no high heels, mini skirts or open toes :) BUT feel free to jazz them up with earings, necklaces, scarfs and coloured shoes!

Post the images and the contents of the outfit in the comment box I think is possibly the best way OR put it on your page and send me the link!!
The winner will recieve and eyeliner, eyeshadow and a nail varnish all in the same colour :)

You can use polyvore or a photo of yourself in the chosen outfit, you must however follow my blog and for the gift live within the uk :)
This is just an idea :)


  1. Here are the links lovely! I had to post is as 2 pics as I couldn't fit everything on one, I hope that's ok!

    I love how the tops are smart, cute and sexy all at once! Ruffles and bows are fabulously on-trend so you can go to work knowing you're a trend ticker :)

    With the black pumps, I love the heart print stud detail- it's so subtly adorable!! But I love how the other chain detail pair injects a much needed splash of colour into your outfit! Pop colours are definitely all the rage right now :)

    I opted for studs to keep the outfit low-key since it is, after all, work wear. They do add a bit of bling to the ensemble though and will dress your ears just beautifully!

    The leggings steal a bit more from the catwalk with fabulous lace insert- if you find that they're inappropriate for your job, then plain black leggings should suffice :) the other bits of the outfit will take care of the rest!

    With it being a salon position, I thought it was a great excuse to decorate your hair- so I found this gorgeous flower and feather fascinator! The scarlet shades add a touch of colour to the black beauty ensemble but any hair accessory, be it cream, a hairband or a silver bow band would look great with blak :)

    I believe that these lovely items make for a stunning, yet professional, work outfit and proves that black doesn't have to be boring! I just hope you like it too :)


    heres a few ideas

  3. I had a load of fun doing these! I hope you find them interesting. I tried to fnd things that, based on some things you've posted here, i tought you might like (might be completely wrong though!) I also tried to keep it as inexpensive as possible and have as many items as i could from the UK.

  4. I hope this works because I really don't know how to work Polyvore, if it doesn't then let me know! Rhiannon x


    Love the blog!


    Hi! Here's my entry :D I loved doing this! And I'm so pleased with it :) think I thought about all the little details.