Possibel reaction??? :(

So last night i was going to do a Alice in wonderland inspired makeup pictures for you lovely bloggers but when i applied a primer which i had never used before it stung my face and made it red and sore and made my eyes kind of swell up it really hurt :(
I will wait a few days a do a few without the primer as i cant do any now as my face is still sore and very very dry and like spotty but they are not actually spots!!!

So now my benefit primer is going to have to go because i dont want that to happen again :(

The offender of my poorly face :(


  1. Eeek! Poor you :( Hope your face heals itself nice and quickly.

  2. eek that sucks ill happily buy it off you if you want ive been tossing up whether to buy this for like 2 years as i used my friends and loved it

  3. Hey RLJ you can happily buy it off me as im obviusly never going to use it again
    email me on

    do the subject as benefit and you can have it for far far less then you will find it on ebay lol!!!