Review: Palmers cocoa butter gradual tanner

Good afternoon girlies, hope everyone is having a relaxing sunday :)
I brought this a few days ago because i love palmers cocoa butter and I thought gradual tanner with the lush smell of palmers cream would be amazing :)
I first used it on a college, and the orginal smell of palmers came through however through out the day that smell wore off and this horrible fake tan came through, I was literally sat in the library going who on earth has fake tan on, then I gave myself a sniff and it was me DISGUSTING!!!
Not something you need to smell of while your at college thats for sure.,
The best thing about this is that the colour you get from it is amazing, no orange or streaks in sight unlike other grdual tanners ive used, this one gives you a bronzey brown colour rather than some hidious orange yellow colour which is amazing.
I think if you can handel the smell of fake tan one the orginals smell has worn off then its an excellent product, however if you can handel the fake tan smell of mouldy digestive bisucuits I wouldnt advise buying, i did however find a trick to get rid of the smell and that is to use this then apply the normal palmers on top which stopped me from smelling of fake tan :)
All in all its an excellent product despite the smell of fake tan, you can combat that smell with layering on orginal palmers though.
5 golden stars for this beautiful summer must have


  1. Thanks for the review, I was tempted to buy this! I like a summer glow on my legs :)

  2. Perfect for summer glow :) If you do buy it let me know your thoughts :) xx