Palmers cocoa butter

It seems like forever since i have done a post, but I have nearly finished college, I am at the final push which is good :) It will then be summer time YAY :)
Unfortunatly I havent herd back from some of my choices of uni yet so it is abit of a waiting game.

Anyway after my last lesson today me and my friend went into town to do a spot of shopping.
I ran out of my fav cream this morning so in superdrug was 3 for 2 ;)

I love this stuff, I love the smell and how quickly it sinks into your skin, I brought two of these lovely things and I then picked up the daily tan.

Im not entirely sure what this is like, but due to the fact i like their other creams and they are good quality i decided to give this ago. it was £5.10 I think, im just hoping its not like johnsons daily tan and you get orange patches.
I am going to road test this over the next few days and I will give you girls a daily update on what its doing.

Whats your favourite gradual tanner and your favourit body cream??

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