Freshtival - how to stay fresh and looking your best at a festival

Hey everyone, im back for good now :)
Its summer and the festivals are well under way, and im going to my first ever festival this year, so ive been doing some research on how to stay beautiful under the mud and rain, so here are my beauty essentials to stay fresh at a festival.

1. Get your eyelashes tinted before you go - you'll save space in your makeup bag and time getting ready, if you cant afford salon prices get a 30 day mascara I haven chosen the one from coloursport. Boots - £5.44

2.Hide the horror of grimy nails by coating them before you go in one of this seasons bright colours. Ive picked two colours from the collection 2000 range, they are amazing value for money. Superdrug £1.79 each

Hip hop


3. There is noway you'll be sharing those festival showers so this is where dry shampoo comes into action, ive tried this myself and it is amazing! adds volume and stops hair feeling greasy. Superdrug £2.99

4. Now weve come to the concluison there is noway we will be sharing those skanky festival showers we have to clean some how, and whats the next best thing? WIPES :), the ones from the body shop have tea tree to get rid of those smelly pits aswell its a win win situation. Body shop £4.00

5. Just because you'll be slumming it in a tent for a weekend in the middle of some muddy field does not mean hygiene has to suffer, this deodrant dust from Lush will leave you smelling beautiful all day and when you start getting a bit sweaty just dust some more on for a long last fresh smell all day. Lush £4.20

6.  Going to a festival isnt the same as going out on the town, so there is no need for piles of makeup, just use this elf 3 in 1 stick for eyes, face and lips plus you'll save space in your bag for more important things like clothes and alcohol. Elf - £1.50

7.  Drinking alcohol in the hopfull sun but more likely rain and wind will cause chapping of your lips, invest in a good lipbalm such as Nivea tinted lipbalm, and just incase it is sunny it has added extra SPF 10. Superdrug £2.00
8.  Just incase there is a huge amount of sun, your better off protected plus if you end up with sun burn you wont look or feel very attractive and it will make dancing to your favourite music sore and uncomfortable. Apply a high SPF to prevent the dreaded lobster. Superdrug SPF 30 - £2.99
9. Keep those dreded spots away and hide the hidious hangover with a secret cheat that will leave everyone thinking you had well over 8 hours sleep when really you only had 2 with Witch anti-blemish tinted moisturiser from Boots - £5.99

10. Keep up the look of beauty with Superdrugs natural high brightening eyecream- £1.00 it will have everyone wondering how you managed to look so amazing even though they saw you partying till 6am.

11. Keeping a gorgeous smell is key at a festival you dont want people to know you havent had a wash for 2days to apply Lush's solid perfume stick in lush £.4.95 its small enough to carry around with you and apply whenever you feel you need that extra boost of gorgeous smellyness.

12. Save space in your bag and prevent a tramatic toothpase disaster by taking lush's toothy tabs with you, ive chosen the ones that wil give you freshest breath even after all the alcohol, all you do is crunch them inbetween you teeth and brush saves the risk of entering those dreded shower cubicles to. Lush - £2.75

13. We have already come to the conclusion that the festival loos and cubicles are going to be pretty disgusting so banish germs with a water free germ killer the best thing is they also come in little travel sizes so you can carry them around with you. Superdrug £3.99
14. Last but not least a festival is going to be like a battle field with people throwing their arms in the air, and dont forget those wellies rubbing your feet, be safe not sorry and take a travel first aid kit like the one from superdrug for those just inacses. £3.99
So thats it for my freshtival guide, I hope its helpfull let me know what you'll be taking with you :)

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